Preparation Zurich 04.-06.06.2024


Closed area for sponsors only

Preparation plan

When and how?


Call-off contingent




Increase your ROI


For sponsors

Stand info

Images & details


How does it work?


Depends on availability


Input sponsors

Stand plan

Place for meetings

Pitch night

What is in for me?


Photos & videos




Operational planning

Social media


Speaker dinner







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Schedule of the event organizer

Before the event

17.05.2024 – provide delegates details including pre-qualification results

At the event

Live during the event – via landing page(follows) – mse – pictures & videos of the event


Pre-event day 04.06.

04.06.2024 – from 16:00 – check-in desk – handover of batches

04.06.2024 – 17:30 to 18:30 – 1st floor „grosser Saal“ – Pitch Night

04.06.2024 – from 18:30 – catering area – speaker dinner – access for all sponsors as well

04.06.2024 – from 20:00 – catering area – open bar – access for all sponsors as well


Day 1 05.06.

05.06.2024 – 8:00 to 8:30 – check-in desk – handover of meeting plans

05.06.2024 – 8:30 – catering area – sales briefing for all sponsors

05.06.2024 – 8:45 to 9:30 – own stand – presentation of the hostess & adjustment of meetings

05.06.2024 – 10:45 to 18:25 – own stand – meetings parallel to the program

05.06.2024 – 19:00 – 1st floor „grosser Saal“ – award ceremony

05.06.2024 – 19:15 – catering area – dinner


Day 2 06.06.

06.06.2024 – 9:45 to 15:20 – own stand – Meetings parallel to the program

06.06.2024 – from 17:00 – own stand – reconciliation of the meetings with host

06.06.2024 – from 17:00 – own stand – dismantling


After the event

From 07.06.2024 – 48 hours after event – by email & SMS (password) – provide of contact list

Deadlines & checklist

Please send all documents via email to: Nina.Klein@mysecurityevent.de | Nina Klein | +49 179 3922 128

Please book your onboarding webinar, choose out of 2 dates

Now – logo

Now – contact details of own delegates on site

Now – speaking session information: title, 3 bullet points, take aways, speaker details incl. high res picture

Now – general advantages of your own offer – maximum of 3 advantadges each 3 words.

Now – targeted accounts as desired delegates

Now – publish social media post and newsletter mailing

Now – back link mysecurityevent on your website – Banner Link

22.05.2024 – submit slides for your own presentation

24.05.2024 – submit delegates for meetings

04.06.2024 – from 16:00 – set up of your own stand & pickup of batch at check-in

06.06.2024 – from 17:00 – own stand dismantling

From 10.06.2024 – 1:1 debriefing meeting mysecurityevent & sponsor – please book a meeting now – link

Required documents


  • Design: transparent background preferred
  • Dimensions: at least 300px wide preferred
  • File format: PNG, Illustrator or InDesign preferred

Contact details of own participants

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Email address
  • Mobile number on site
  • Catering: special diets
  • Staffing: pre-event – day1 – day2
  • Photo – smiling & colorful | preferred

Advantages of your own offer

  • E.g. save costs, more security for… by …
  • Advantages of a meeting at the mysecurityevent: Learnings – NOT to DOs
  • maximum of 3 advantadges each 3 words
  • Reference customers 

Targeted Accounts

  • Please submit at least 5 desired delegates – first name, last name, company – anonymous invitation by mysecurityevent, ideal for competitors of existing customers.

Presentation | if booked

  • Titel 
  • Description
  • 1-3 Learnings for the audience
  • 1-3 NOT to DOs for the audience
  • Speaker: counts as own delegate
  • 2nd speaker: optional: case study with customers on site

Presentation slides | if booked

  • Changes possible later
  • Please also bring your presentation on site
  • Please less than 30 slides for 30 minutes presentation – optimal: max. 10.
  • Optional: will handouts be distributed? Is there a call to action?

Presentation Pitch Night if booked

  • Title  – max 5 words
  • Speaker

Staff scheduling

Two of your own delegates are included in the package, the 1:1 exchange of participants is possible on a daily basis, including a possible setup:

  • Own delegate 1: Day 1 & Day 2
  • Own delegate 2: Day 1
  • Own delegate 3: Day 2


Bellerivestrasse 170
8008 Zürich
T +41 44 385 86 00
M restaurant@lake-side.ch


Hotel cost 212,50 CHF per room/night at Motel One Zurich

Booking form please send to: res.zuerich@motel-one.com

Own stand

  • approx. 3x3m – approx. 9.00 m² incl. table & 2-6 chairs depending on the booked number of delegates
  • Power connection (consumption included) & WiFi
  • See deadlines for set-up & dismantling times
  • Installation of roll-ups is possible

Stand plan

  • Please indicate the desired stand neighbors – who would rather not? And who absolutely?
  • Please bear in mind: there will be more sponsors.
  • Floor plans (download to see large version):

Social media

Free tickets

All sponsors have the opportunity to invite users to the mysecurityevent. We track exactly who registers and make this information available. Simply use the name of the inviting party or the company name as a code on the landing page: https://mysecurityevent.de/checkout31/

Other providers are excluded here.

Template banner
  • Two banners for download: Link Link 
  • Template as Photoshop file to customize: Link
  • Your own photos work excellently, two examples: Link Link
  • Feel free to @Marc Plewnia @mysecurityevent on Linkedin so we can engage.

Template message

See you there? Simply enter my name as the code for the free ticket:  https://mysecurityevent.ch/checkout3ch/

Template email

At our invitation: Your ticket for the mysecurityevent 04-06.06.2024 Zurich

I cordially invite you to the mysecurityevent from June 04-06, 2024 at Lake Side Zurich. I will be happy to provide you with a ticket. How you will benefit as a participant:

  • More specialist knowledge
  • More industry contacts
  • More Case Studies

To secure one of the free places, all I need is your details at the following link: https://mysecurityevent.ch/checkout3ch/ – you will also find the agenda there – simply enter my name as the code for the free ticket.

Template post

The mysecurityevent shows in duet presentations how companies think, feel and implement cyber security.
Case studies will be presented from two different perspectives
These stories are not recorded.

More IT security expertise – guaranteed.
04-06.06.2024 Lake Side Zürich

Join the community now.

Complete agenda and registration here:

Promotion for my followers:
With my name as code the ticket is free for users.


Please put on all deliveries: 

mysecurityevent GmbH, Nina Klein, +49 179 3922 128


Lake Side 
Bellerivestrasse 170
8008 Zürich


Equipment provided:

  • Screen
  • Projector
  • Audio system



  1. Participants are questioned by us according to the parameters: Expert knowledge | Challenge | Example: Link
  2. approx. 14 days before the event, we make this information available to all sponsors.
  3. The sponsors choose with whom a meeting should take place and with whom not.
  4. We organize the meetings and share the preliminary meeting schedule.
  5. On site, we communicate any last-minute changes up to the event.
  6. On site, the hostess adjusts the meetings by making further changes.
  7. At the end of the event, the hostess checks which meeting has taken place.

Preferences for meetings

  • Please select at least 30 discussion preferences
  • Please also mark all delegates who are not interesting for you


  • We never force participants into a conversation with a sponsor.
  • There is a limit of meetings per participant, so we need enough buffer.
  • Changes to meetings will happen.
  • Meeting failures happen 99% of the time due to no-shows and are completely normal.

Pitch night

  • Included for all delegates
  • Upgrade required for performance on stage

Speaker dinner

  • Included for all delegates


  • Included for all delegates


More articles will follow

Post on Linkedin

  • Basic advantage: users are grateful for a free ticket, reason for addressing them on site (after all, we gave them the ticket…)


  • Company account banner
  • Advantage: more awareness, more followers
  • Speaker Banner
  • Advantage: positioning as an expert in terms of content
  • Speaker announcement video
  • Advantage: emotional appeal to customers
  • Seller Banner
  • Advantage: indirect publication of the benefits

Recommended time slots:

  • Dienstag-Donnerstag 10:00-14:00
  • Christmas, New Year
  • At the latest 3 weeks before the event

We track the codes – means targeted lead tracking – even if the delegate noshow is again a new reason to address him, e.g. with a marketing campaign „compass“ – so that you find your way to us independently of the mysecurityevent…

On site it is a safe lead for a positive approach.

Invite delegates

If you look at the delegate avatar in the cyber security market, you can see that there are various motivating factors for attending the mysecurityevent – three of which are:

Am I on the right track?
What are the others doing?
What else can I do?

This can be excellently applied to the sales strategy: bring a delegate with you and integrate them into the presentation and/or meetings.

Delegate advantage:

How does my service provider actually talk to other delegate?
What challenges do others have?
What advice can I give others?

This is clearly a fine art and requires a lot of juggling of trust between the two parties and gaining the delegate as a live reference, but it is extremely worthwhile. Maybe you travel with him and sleep in the same hotel?

Advantage sponsor:

Trust is created through shared time & emotions – e.g. on the stadium tour.
Higher turnover with new delegates due to live witnesses

What can you do if, despite a trusting approach to the delegates project, no one can be found to accompany you to the mysecurity event? The targeted use of delegates logos on a roll-up or presentation slide is also helpful. If, for example, a delegates competitor is on site, it would be helpful to prepare accordingly – depending on what you are allowed to communicate.


  • Book advantages over all other sponsors: Link 
  • Upgrades Pitch Night & VIP presentation fully booked

Live photos & videos

  • Link will be published here to access photos & videos live.
  • For free use
  • Unedited


More success AT the event through planning BEFORE:

  • Organization 
  • Sales on site
  • Strategy for follow-ups

Please book your onboarding webinar, choose out of 2 dates


Tips on the strategy after the event:

  • Designing successful follow-ups, dealing with contact lists
  • Discussion of the evaluation results of the delegates of your own appearance
  • Possible dates: book a meeting BEFORE the event for from 10.06.2024
  • Link for booking: Link


Contact person for preparation and on-site:

  • Nina Klein
  • nina.klein@mysecurityevent.de
  • +49 15751368353